Thursday, January 21, 2010


Great Hillbilly Transcriptions From 1941 & 1951
"KMBC" Bush Creek Folies Kansas City Mo.

01. Radio Ad
02. Opening Theme - Bush Creek Gang
03. Missouri Stomp - Texas Rangers
04. Little Girl Dressed In Black - Colorado Pete
05. Good Morning Judge - Millie & Sue
06. Lone Buckaroo - Oklahoma Wranglers
07. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar - Kit & Kay
08. Comin' 'Round The Mountain - Bush Creek Folies Gang
09. I'm Yours Forever More - Tiny Tillman
10. Mama Don't Allow - Ray Hudgens & Rhythm Riders
11. That's What I Like About The South - The Tune Chasers
12. I'm A Plain Old Country Boy - Rex Allen
13. Closing Theme - Bush Creek Gang
Front And Back Cover Are Included
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  1. What a cover.
    That is great. Looking forward to hearing the cuts I really like the Willis brothers early work. Thanks

  2. Thanks from Kansas City. My wma translator wouldn't open the show files, but enjoyed the radio interview (from the local NPR station). Next best thing to your files might be the material on the web that was referenced in the interview:

    Lots of photos and audio on the Brush Creek Follies there.

    And in case anyone is interested in the blues, the University of Missouri Marr Sound Archive has a ton of blues material, too.

  3. Loved this site, Ray Hudgens was my half brother I did not know him very well and it was good to hear his voice! I remember most of the pictures I saw here as my family had a bunch of them, do not know what happend to them after the death of our father, Thanks again for this history,