Thursday, January 21, 2010


01. Everbody's Rockin'
02. Tight Slacks
03. Broke Waitin' For A Break
04. I'm Beggin' Your Pardon
05. Sunglasses After Dark
06. Moonshine Liquor
07. Crazy In Love
08. Walk My Way Back Home
09. Waltz Of The Blues
10. Let's All Go Wild
11. Gently
12. So Much To Remember
13. You'll Get Yours Someday
14. Tuscaloosa Lucy
15. What Are We Going To Do
16. Drinkin' Wine Spoo-De-O-Dee
17. Let Your Left Hand Know
18. Waltz Of The Steel Guitar
19. Teen-Age Bug
20. It's Over With
21. By You, By The Bayou
22. Don't Make Me Cry
23. I Won The Day I Lost You
24. I Lived A Lifetime Last Night
25. I'm Beggin' Your Pardon
26. Didn't It Rock - Jim (Noble) & Rod (Weston)
Front And Back Cover Are Included
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  1. Hello! Is there any way at all you could post another link for this? For some reason this doesn't download all the way through for me. I've tried it several times and Megaupload usually works for me, so I don't know what the deal is. It'd be much appreciated.


  2. Hi Skyler!
    The link works fine! you better take a premium account than it will download with high speed,a free account doesn't work well.