Monday, January 11, 2010


A Piece Of History
Recorded At The Funeral On Jan. 4. 1953
At City Hall Montgomery Al.
01. My Record Will Be There - Southwind Singers
02. I Saw The Light - Roy Acuff & The Grand Ole Opry Cast
03. Peace In The Valley - Red Foley
04. Precious Memories - Statesmen Quartet
Front And Back Cover Are Included
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  1. Thanks. I literally just got back from Montomery. I got to visit the grave and the museum.

  2. Appreciate the posting but there are a couple of errors here (no doubt now repeated many times across the net).
    1) the DATE of the funeral, according to the Complete Hank Williams Website, is January 4, not 3 as you have put: "Hank Williams body was returned to Montgomery on January 3rd. He laid in state at his mother's boarding house where thousands of mourners came to pay respects to the fallen star…
    "The funeral was held on January 4th…"
    Unless you know different, of course.
    2) The preacher clearly says that Precious Memories is to be sung by the Statesmen Quartet, a white gospel group, not the Southwind Singers.

  3. Hi,
    neiljenkin, you are right. "The funeral was held on January 4th…" Have a look to the website:
    Hank Williams
    Hank`s Blog

    All the best
    Uncle Hank

  4. Thanks, Uncle Hank, but do you think you could actually amend your posting with corrections, otherwise the date and credit error will continue as people come to it in the future; most of them are not going to look at the comments!

  5. So how can I order this transcription of the funeral service?