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The Sons Of The Pioneers "Castration Of Strawberry Roan"

I start this blog with a Unissued "Risque" acetate,

There will be more rare and unissued acetates/radio transcriptions posted in the future!!
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This is the infamous 1943 recording of the "Castration of the Strawberry Roan" by the Sons of the Pioneers. This was recorded while the Sons of the Pioneers were doing their Dr. Pepper Radio stint. The lead voice is Dick Foran with backup from the Pioneers (the Dr. Pepper crew).
Text of the song below:
The Strawberry Roan
[Horse whinnies and then farts. Someone yells "Whoa!"]
I was hanging 'round town In a house of ill fame
Laying up with a twister Of hustling dame
When a hop-headed pimp With his nose full of coke Beat me out of the girl
And left me stone-broke
When a stranger walked in Said he,
"Say, my lad Are you any good riding Horses that's bad?"
Said I, "You damn right That's one thing I can do I'm a second rate pimp But a good buckaroo. "Bring on your bad horses I never saw one That could set to guessing Or bother me none."
Said he, "Guess again There's one horse that I own You might have heard of him
The strawberry roan."
"Well I guess we've all heard Of that of that ball bearing stud He had the fessudie [?]
And glanders and crud.
"He's the worst fucking bronco That has ever been foaled
He's never been road And he's twenty years old.

"O, that strawberry roan"
How many colts has he thrown?
He's got gonorrhea and cankers and syph
He's strictured with clap But his cock is still stiff That renegade strawberry roan.
Well, the upshot of it was That I found myself hired To snap out some colts
That great stud had sired.
They were knot-head cayuse's Just like their Dad
Most of them roans But all of them bad.
With their feet in my pockets Those bastards would fight
Till my ass drug my tracks out
Way before night My balls in my boots And my mouth full of dung
My ears were all scratch Where I got my spurs hung
Then the boss came in He said, that's enough
The strawberry roan's colts Are too God damned tough
"I'm damn sick and tired Of seeing you taking them falls
Rope that wind-milling stud And we'll cut out his balls

"O, that strawberry roan"
We went out to unbend his bone We built a big loop And went in the corral
We roped his front feet He farted and fell We flattened that strawberry roan
Well, the boss held his head While I hog-tied his legs
I reached for my jack-knife And went for his eggs
When I opened his bag Why, he let out a moan And he squealed like a pig
When I cut out that stone But all I could locate Was one of his nuts
The other was hidden Some place in his guts So I rolled up my sleeve
And swimming in blood I felt for the seed In the guts of that stud.
I thought that I found it I felt something pass
But its only a turd
On the way to his ass Just then I heard one of them Blood curdling squalls
And I looked and the roan Had the boss by the balls
Well, I stomped on his head It was no use He was just like a bulldog
He wouldn't let loose So I untied his legs And he got to his feet
But the boss's voice changed And I knew he was beat.

"O, that strawberry roan"
We advise you to leave him alone He's a knot-headed cayuse With only one ball
But the boss is a eunuch With no balls at all
Lay off of that strawberry roan.
[The sound of a fart].
Someone yells "Whoa! You son of a bitch!
[" Horse makes "Awww" sound.]

In 1943, while they were in New York, Dick Foran and the Pioneers (the Dr. Pepper crew) were asked to sing "The Strawberry Roan" for the Dr. Pepper annual stockholders and board of directors' meeting. Someone found the alternate words Curley had written, "Castration of the Strawberry Roan" and the guys recorded it privately as a joke. Dick Foran sings the solo with the Pioneers backup.
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  1. Thanks. Very interesting to compare to the Bill Boyd and the Cowboy Ramblers straight version. Wonder what the airplay or other use was for this??? Hard to imagine anything other than a juicy bootleg passed around Hollywood!

    Good-looking blog. Congrats and good luck.

    KC MO

  2. Don't know how you found it or even knew it existed, but it is hilarious. The Sons had a very good sense of humor, did not even guess it went this far.
    Having a fantastic Sons of the Pioneers Collection, this is a great find for me to add to.

    Thank you,