Monday, November 30, 2009


Thesaurus Transcriptions for Radio WKY Oklahoma City,
With A Young Colleen Summers (Later AKA Mary Ford)!
Yes! "Les Paul's Wife"!!!
Home Grown & Restored Again!
01. Locked In My Heart
02. I'm Sorry I Met You
03. I'm Always Blue For You
04. Don't Lay The Blame On Me
05. Boots And Saddle
06. I'm Gonna Marry Mary
07. Don't laugh At My Tears
08. In The Hills Of Wyoming
09. Too late
10. For The Sake Of Days Gone By
11. Milk Cow Blues
12. A Melody From The Sky
13. Oklahoma City Blues
14. Happy Cowboy
15. Alone And Lonely
16. Poor Little Rose
17. My Campfire Lullaby
18. Weary Old Hills
19. My Old Home Town
20. Sweethearts Or Strangers
21. Don't You Cry over Me
22. Little White Cross On A Hilltop
23. Hillbilly Town
24. The Trail Is Way Too Long
25. Those Gone And Left Me Blues
26. Blue Ridge Mountain Trail
27. You Never Can Tell
28. Stay Away From My Door
29. Rainbow Valley
30. Moon Over montana
31. Texas Tornado
32. When It's Roundup Time In Texas
33. The Night Herding Song
Front And Back Cover Are Included
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  1. These transcriptions are what my mom and dad listen to growing up. They didn't stretch the truth when they said they were better than there studio recordings. Thanks for letting us here these it is like a window in time.