Sunday, November 22, 2009


3 AFRS Melody Round-Up Live Shows With Various Artists.
01. Hank Penny Show 1
Speedy West - Panhadle Rag
Still Water Runs the Deepest
Mary Morgan - The Boogie Blues
We Met Too Late
02. Hank Penny Show 2
Speedy West - Texas Playboy Rag
Hank Cardwell - Throw A Saddle On A Star
Billy Hill - Jelousy
03. Spade Cooley Show
High Falutin'
Pretty As A Bee
Red Enger - Wagon Wheels
The Devil's Dream
Harry Babbit - Silver On The Sage
04. Wade Ray Show
Porky Freeman - South
Smokey Rogers - A Kiss To Remember
T.Texas Tyler - Remember Me
T.Texas Tyler - My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
T.Texas Tyler - Between Memphis And New Orleans
Porky Freeman - The Grass Looks Greener Over Yonder
Freddie Savaris - Cocette
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