Friday, November 13, 2009

Unknown Artists "Doin' The Dirty Boogie"

Another "Unknown Artists" "Burlesque" Risque song!
but a great track from the 1940's

Text of the song: "Doin' The Ditry Boogie"

This dirty old boogie It's taking this town
It h'aint no use From the hips on down


When we done the dirty boogie
In the low down way
But the dirty old boogie
Drive you to your grave
I tuck her in the kitchen
And I laid her on the floor
And the wind from her ass
Blew the cat out the door.

Well the nipples on her tits
Like a handle on a gord
Whole wide straddled
Like a T-Model ford
Well the hairs around her ass
Were a fist plum color
And the crabs from her snatch
Were screwing each other.

Well Momma's in bed And Dad's on top
Sister's in the corner
Hollerin', "Lay it to her pop!
"Well the nipples on her tits
Big as plums
She can shake her ass
To make a dead man cum.

Now lay down Momma
Be careful how you lay
Daddy's going to get ya
In the family way
Well she boogied and she boogied
'Til she hung it on it on the wall
Said come on boys
There's enough for us all
See that girl all dressed in green
She's got the biggest boogie
I've ever seen

Well there h'ain't no use
She's raising no hell
I know you've done the boogie
By the way you smell.
Now the rattles on the fence
While the saddles on the pole
All night long keep the peter in the hole

"Ain't That A Nice Piece Of Music?"

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