Monday, February 8, 2010


01. Rig Movin' Man
02. Tool Pusher
03. Oil Patch
04. El Paso Gas
05. Off Shore Drilling Rig
06. Drill Bit Honky Tonk
07. Morning Tower
08. Blue Eagle
09. Do As I
10. Come Sundown
11. Four Hands Blues
12. Don't Waste Your Heart
13. Money Won't Buy Everything
14. You Played Me For A Fool
15. Ain't Goin' Home
16. Pandemonium
17. Crazy Crazy
18. Hadacol Corners
19. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes
20. Cruisin'
21. I Can't Do A Thing
22. Name Your Price
23. Haywire Jones
24. Roughneck
25. I Might Confess
26. Johnny Don't Drill
27. Sneaky Pete
28. The Red Rose
29. Live While You're Young
30. Let Me Know
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  1. File deleted from megaupload.

  2. Would like to find the 10 inch STAR radio transcription of the instrumental of Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes by Slim Willet. Would be happy to get a copy of the song. Thank you.

  3. Hi! i've never seen STAR transcrptions?
    should you bump into them let me know!
    regards "TRG"