Monday, March 22, 2010


01. Beer Drinking Blues
02. Aggravatin' Woman
03. You Know Doggone Well I Do
04. Was I Dreaming
05. I'm A Hen Pecked Man
06. Darling, Why Do You Pretend
07. I'll Try All My Life
08. Willie Dum Dee
09. Blowing Suds Off My Beer
10. What Would You Do
11. Watchin' The Clock And Grievin'
12. Have I Overstayed My Welcome
13. In All My Dreams
14. At My Expence
15. Love Me Love Me Not
16. There She Goes
17. Drifting Apart
18. A Little Less
19. You Married For Money
20. Since You're Gone
21. I Don't Wanta
22. Don't Throw Your Life Away
23. A Message From The Tradewinds
24. I Won't Be Home No More
25. Take These Chains From My Heart
26. Mad Dog In Town
27. Have You Seen Mabel
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1 comment:

  1. This is a nice collection. I broke down and installed EasyWMA for these files. I'm very thankful when the songs are tagged - untagged song files are a ton of work. So thank you.