Friday, March 12, 2010


01. Mama's Little Baby - Junior Thompson
02. Raw Deal - Junior Thompson
03. How Come You Do Me - Jimmy Haggett
04. Tongue Tied Jill - Charlie Feathers
05. Get With It - Charlie Feathers
06. Rock Roll And Rhythm - Wayne McGinnis
07. Lonesome Rhythm Blues - Wayne McGinnis
08. Don't Shoot Me Baby - Bill Bowen
09. Have Myself A Ball - Bill Bowen
10. All Messed Up - Jess Hooper
11. Sleepy Time Blues - Jess Hooper
12. Latch On To Your Baby - Jimmy Lamberth
13. Bop Baby Bop - Brad Suggs
14. Charcoal Suit - Brad Suggs
15. Can't Steal My Way Around - Barney Burcham
16. Curfew - Steve Carl
17. 18 Year Old Blues - Steve Carl
19. Woman - Lendon Smith
20. Brother That's All - Red Hadley's Wranglers
21. Real Gone Baby - Velvetones
22. Gal Named Joe - Mac Sales
23. Yakety Yak - Mac & Jake
24. Don't Worry 'Bout Nothing - Mason Dixon
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  1. I think the file names and tags don't corresponds to your list in the post and to the back cover, but the songs are correct. It seems the you got the artist and title info from the Ace Records cd at ripping time, and not from the Meteor Records cd, and track 3 filename is corrected to the real title (How come you do me).
    According to RCS , the cd is Meteor MTCD5001, while your back cover shows MTR-CD 5000. What is the correct one? Is this a real back cover or a home made?
    But above all, I say thank you for this post.

  2. I'm not reload the whole things just for the tags,as everything else is right! i hope you all agree!?
    the back cover is the original copy!!!

  3. The filenames are crawled one line too from track 04 to 15, but it's no problem for me, I already corrected the titles and tags.

    You are great with all of your rarities.

  4. Yes, of course tags is not problem, music is good and this is very cool.
    By the way, could you upload some Hank Garland?

  5. Hi Dima! sorry but i don't have any Hank Garland.