Thursday, July 29, 2010


01. Drilling Rig boogie - Johnny Dollar
02. Let's Rock Tonight - The Pell Brothers
03. I've Been Under The Weather - Kent Westbury
04. My Broken Heart Still Knows - Curtis Gordon
05. Each Time You Go - Curtis Gordon
06. Oh Lonely Heart - Curtis Gordon
07. For The Last Time - Curtis Gordon
08. From Memphis To New Orleans - Curtis Gordon
09. A Touch Of Loving - Bobby Sykes
10. Until You're In My Arms - Bobby Sykes
11. Run Baby Run - Stonewall Jackson
12. Old Enough To Rock 'N' Roll - Judy Carmen
13. Save A Little Lovin' For Me - Judy Carmen
14. Sittin' At Home With The Blues - Johnny Bailes
15. I Don't Believe You Love Me - Johnny Bailes
16. One At The Table For Two - Danny Dill
17. See If I Care - Judy Lynn
18. Driftin' - Judy Lynn
19. Someday You'll Be Free - Judy Lynn
20. That's What I've Been Told - Pat Kelly
21. Havin' A Ball - Pat Kelly
22. What A Sad Day That Will Be - Johnny Ferguson
23. Candy Love - Johnny Ferguson
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  1. Although I already have this album, it's worthy to download your posts because of the very good quality of the artwork.
    One little note: in some of your posts the very right side is missing from the back cover(a little streak), as I see.
    (In some cases even the peak of the letters in the horizontal title is cut).
    A little bloomer here: the track titles, the albumarts and the folder jpg files in the download are from the "Nashville Rockabilly" Stomper Time album.
    Probably you got bad titles when ripped the cd.
    The Front and Inlay jpg files are correct.
    Many thanks for your work.


  2. I give you a lot of credit. You post everything as WMA files, so this takes work to transfer. Then you tag all the songs all wrong! You think we are lazy freeloaders, and you want to test us! I don't blame you. But thank you anyway, I'm glad that you take the time to upload good music, even if it's a puzzle to download that takes a lot of time. Check out the blog I contribute to, Twilightzone. No puzzles, though, if you want puzzles.

  3. Sorry you don't like my "FREE" posts,most of them are for sale at Ebay or Amazon without puzzles!!!(but that hurts you in the wallet!!) (to much work to transfer for you? it's only 1 click with a good converter,wich i also posted !!) please do your magic with Twilightzone,and search for other/same/better tagged post/incomplete scans on the web,if you find any good one please contact me again,Best regards

  4. Thanks again - I appreciate the good music here, and I kinda have fun with the converter now. You do have good taste and offer different music.